Business Law videos

The following videos created for Doug Waters’ WCC Business Law course take us through different legal aspects of running a business, including trademarks, business partnerships, employment issues, contracts, bankruptcy, and buyout agreements. Each scene is followed by a discussion with an attorney, who gives general advice on these issues.

Disclaimer: The “Sub Saga” videos are intended to convey general information only and not to provide legal advice or opinions. Please consult an attorney for advice on your specific legal issues.

Watch Video Sub Saga Scene 1 – Big Mike’s Subs launch

Attorney Consultation 1

Sandwich shop founders Mike and Emma ask their well-connected investor friend to consult an attorney about the cease-and-desist letter they received. The investor barters lunch for quick advice from Michael Spink, an intellectual-property attorney based in the Ann Arbor office of Brinks, Gilson, and Lione.

Watch Video: Sub Saga Scene 2 – Business Partner Dispute

After their first business dispute, the entrepreneurs dispatch their investor to discover how they can protect themselves from each other. The investor lines up a lunch-and-learn session with business attorney Shonna Hawkins with the Southfield, Michigan, firm of DeYampert and Hawkins.

Attorney Consultation 2

Watch Video: Sub Saga Scene 3 – Employee Hassles

Attorney Consultation 3

Faced with worrisome employee issues, Mike and Emma ask their investor to research how to professionalize their hiring and firing practices. The investor stumbles into the office of Liz Ferguson, a Mount Clemens-based employment-law attorney who’s easy prey to a free-lunch offer after her morning court hearing.

Watch Video: Sub Saga Scene 4 – Landlord Trouble

Attorney Consultation 4

Being novice negotiators, the sandwich duo realize they need help bargaining with their landlord as well as suppliers. The investor arranges a sandwiches-for-knowledge swap with business attorney John DeYampert, who dispenses some strategy pointers.

Watch Video: Sub Saga Scene 5 – Creditors calling

Attorney Consultation 5

With bills piling up and patience wearing thin, the struggling entrepreneurs ask their investor to find out whether bankruptcy is a viable escape route. The investor explores their exit options with attorney Nicole Goodson, chief counsel for Legal Aid and Defender Association of Detroit.

Watch Video: Sub Saga Scene 6 – Leaving on a High Note

Attorney Consultation 6

The Sub Saga has come full circle – Mike maneuvers a happy ending while staying true to his dream. Emma is eager to move on with her life. Now all that’s left is to figure out how to legally unwind their business marriage. They leave the details to their cheapskate investor, who returns to his old friends at DeYampert and Hawkins for a final round of legal advice.